ChianHub is an evolving local project in which I participate as a volunteer.


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Aug 2021 - Present

the challenge

Project History

At the end of summer 2021, an old high school friend of mine contacted me again after years.

He and some young people from my area, the Valdichiana, had an idea: to create a community of young people from our area who have received advanced education and who want to make their professional skills available to individuals and companies in the area.

I liked the idea a lot, so I got more details about this new reality called ChianHub.

ChianHub has three main objectives

- to make available to the Valdichiana territory the skills of the professionals who are part of it;

- to create an inclusive reality where people of the territory (and not) can confront each other and find stimuli;

- to be a point of reference and a resource for local authorities.

This cause seemed really stimulating and noble to me, so I got on board.

In this association, I am in charge of developing and maintaining the website, and I am part of the board and collaborate in defining the strategy for the growth of the community.

What did I learn from this project?

This community gives me the opportunity to put my skills at the service of the region, to put myself to the test with new challenges, and above all, it allows me to meet very competent and friendly professionals.