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I'm a UX/UI designer.

Hi, I'm Sofia a UX/UI designer based in Italy.
I am focused on Service Design and UX Research.

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My Expertise

UX Research

Understand First. In the initial phase of a project, I do competitor analysis, define personas and user journeys. I want to understand exactly who I am going to design for.

Service Design

Process analysis. I study the relationship between actors, communication and components of a service in order to create value for all stakeholders and build a great user experience.

Sketching & Prototyping

Let's design. I define the content and layout of the interfaces at different levels of detail: starting with wireframes, through mockups to high-fidelity interactive prototypes.

Testing & Improvement

Never stop. After designing an interface, I test the developed material. Finally, I check how users react to the interface by studying traffic data, heat maps and users' feedback.


Latest Projects

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Nice to meet you.

Hey, I'm Sofia, UX/UI designer at Aruba s.p.a.

Hi, my name is Sofia Marchi and I’m a UX/UI designer from Italy. I have over 3 years experience in designing web applications and portals.
I currently work for Aruba s.p.a., one of the largest internet service providers in Italy.

In addition to design, at Aruba I am responsible for collecting and analysing user feedback through the GetFeedback platform. The feedback given by users spontaneously, together with the answers they give to specific surveys, help me and the UX team to continuously improve our interfaces.

Sofia Marchi portrait

Sofia Marchi

UX/UI Designer @ Aruba s.p.a.