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Creation of a logo representing the whole hilly territory of the Veneto region in order to promote it and make it known for its uniqueness.


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Logo Design

Dec 2021 - Jan 2022

the challenge

The project

This creative call was launched by Zooppa.

The Veneto region is distinguished by its great variety of stunning views and panoramas: from the plains to the mountains, passing through the hilly areas. The Colli Veneti, an area of natural, historical, cultural and gastronomic excellence, are located in this area.

The challenge was to create a logo that would bring together these characteristics and represent the whole of the Veneto's hilly territory in order to promote it and make it known for its uniqueness.

The brief

Zooppa asked for a proposal for a logo, including a symbol (pictogram) and the naming "Colli Veneti", with the corresponding colour and black and white versions.

The logo must be able to be used:

  • Without the "Colli Veneti" naming, keeping only the symbol
  • Possibly with the addition of the payoff "Giornata Regionale" in the most appropriate position (above or below the symbol or lettering)

Read the full contest brief.

My proposal

First of all, I searched online for photos of the Veneto region and logos that inspired me, and collected them in a moodboard.


For the composition of the logo, I combined the characteristic elements of the Colli Veneti area:

  • the hills, represented by curved lines;
  • villas and historic buildings;
  • natural elements representing the flora of the area.
Logo composition
Palette & font
Logo variations
Logo variations (text on right side)
Logo variations (simplified logo)
Logo variations (stamp version)

I then reported some cases of application of the logo and the rules of use:

Logo applications
Rules of use

You can consult the full presentation of my proposal.

What did I learn from this project?

Zooppa's creative calls are always very stimulating challenges. I chose to take part because I don't usually design logos (they're not my forte), so I tried to do my best.

Unfortunately, my project was not selected. You can see the winning logo on the Zooppa blog.